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When you get out of your writing slump & this happens...


Admittedly, I haven't written much this week. I mostly spent the week watching The Flash and procrastinating doing research to find novel competitions to enter. I have yet to start this research. Perhaps now that I have 'Ned Starked' myself, shame will drive me to get cracking tonight. Today was actually the first day I can say with certainty that it was a summer day in Paris. While I enjoy extreme heat, I forgot how debilitating it is for work and concentration. I also thought I would attend the annual Paris Nollywood Week film festival but it seems I missed the one thing on the program I wanted to attend. I am also mortified that an article I wrote for a monthly publication was printed without the editor proofreading. I skimmed through the article and found two terrible spelling mistakes which I am quite positive were not in the version I sent through. Needless to say my usual enthusiasm and delight at seeing my name in the by-line was squashed and replaced by embarrassment. Not to mention that this article was about a friend and published author and was meant to serve as some free publicity.