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Act Like a Lady, (Play Mind Games Until Everyone is so Unhappy that they Change their Ways) Think Like a Man

I know, I know... who really cares about this book/film when there are bigger questions afoot like why Kylo Ren is a member of the Knights of Ren and how he got Darth Vader's helmet right? Simple, before there was Kylo, women were confused and needed to understand how men think and I’m willing to bet long after the new generation Star Wars, women will still need answers or advice to stave off confounding relationships with men.


So the title is self-explanatory right? I read Steve Harvey’s book long before the movie was ever announced or I got married. I highlighted and took notes. I occasionally whoop it out of its hiding place- yes, you read that right: hiding place and if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know why people aren’t shouting their ownership of the book from rooftops but I digress- for reference when the husband is being impossible and I need to find a way to be sweet yet effective in getting the results I seek. It really is like sitting down with Steve and listening to him dish out advice from the guy’s corner. The handsome men in the movie go as far as to call him a traitor because he is trading insider secrets. It read a lot like a manual to reprogram a faulty appliance to get it to work just the way you want it.


Obviously there are some questionable moral implications with manipulation being the most notable.  So the movie takes scenarios from the questions and creates characters from them to better illustrate in case there’s any confusion. I was reminded of the book, He’s Just Not That Into You, (a book that has mysteriously disappeared from my shelf in the time since I moved out of my parent’s house) because the author Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccilo basically detail the FAQs with examples and then set out to answer them with the most memorable questions coming from someone called ‘Crazy Nikki’. This book's movie adaptation was also a star-studded affair with a similar emotional pay-off.


Generally it shows individuals (men and women) being set in their ways making their partners unhappy. A cataclysmic event happens e.g. someone gets dumped, someone gets a divorce or someone decides on getting married etc. and that leads to an epiphany for someone which then has a domino effect and we all leave the cinema on a ‘feels’ high.


I loved the movie and am even the proud owner of the DVD. The string of big names i.e. Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy... and the super catchy O.S.T. certainly helped make it a good experience. The sequel continues the story ultimately leading to the wedding of one of the couples that leads to epiphanies for the other couples and yet another emotionally satisfying ending.


So breaking with tradition, I will say that I preferred the movie to the book. Why? Because the movie is an actual story with a timeline and characters whose lives you can get emotionally invested in. The book is good but it was hard because the whole time I would read a new chapter and be like “Wait- am I this type of girl?” of “Is my guy this type of guy”. It was over-analysis city especially because generally no one person fits squarely into just one category.


Now I know what you are thinking cause I mentioned that I read this before I got married: did this book help me get the ring? I will have to say possibly a tiny bit because while I read it and thought it was good advice, I am not very confident that I implemented a ton of the stuff Steve or Gregg talked about ‘cause I’m forgetful. Also when it comes to these self-help reads, I tend to take things with a grain of salt and play it by ear.


Whatever leads you to read the book(s) or watch the movie(s) don’t go into it thinking this is the answer to all your relationship problems; take the bits that work and put your own spin on them but most of all, enjoy yourself! :D