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Salon Fantastique

The end of February boasted a wonderful event full of bookish goodness- err- if you were in Paris. What was it? The Salon Fantastique; an annual fantasy fiction book event in its fourth year running. The event is a fun and creative platform for authors of the genres and everyone in between to showcase their work and network. What was on show? A ton of amazing indie authors, crafts people, artists, performers and booklovers dressed as their favourite book characters and eating their favorite book foods. The whole thing was a fantasy booklover's wheelhouse!


Day 1 February 26th

On the first day my friend and I went to the ‘local medieval tavern’ as one does as soon as you realize one exists and from there we took a casual and quasi-inebriated stroll through the hall. We went from table to table and spoke to the authors. We listened to the stories about their opuses, their process and enjoyed the awesome extra promo stuff they had on display. We also walked away with really kewl Star Wars art pieces to adorn our homes with and interesting books.


Day 2 February 27th  

I went on my own on the second day and really took my time at each table I visited. I collected business cards and chatted some more with whoever was behind the table. Day two was really the day that the Cosplay was taken to staggeringly impressive heights- it was not a game! It was also the day I spent money I don’t have on awesome bookish jewelry and books but, in my defence, it was so very worth it!


Day 3 February 28th

This was day number last and I was so buggered from the two previous days, that I gave it a skip.


Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favourite Salon Fantastique things (click on the orange to navigate to their respective pages). There were so many exponents I loved not on this list but, drop me a comment and I'll gladly share all the rest I can think of:

  1. Les gnomes de Martine Realisations What I liked: lamps made from Cucurbitaceae- pumpkin, butternut, squash, etc. They look like little homes for the gnomes she makes. They have doors and fairy inspired patterns that allow the light within to peek out. I am definitely getting one of these!
  2. Mageek What I liked: if it wasn't obvious from the magazine cover, a magazine dedicated to female geek culture. It's a fantastique ^^ concept targeting an audience that's often overlooked so, bravo to Mageek!
  3. Kitsunegari Editions What I liked: the author & publisher, Perrine Rousselot. The house boasts books from 3 genres (I am partial to the fantastique genre) with trace elements of popular Japanimation style Mangas.
  4. Kahena Trilogy- Tome 1 by Margot Augerre  What I liked: this author's energy. She nailed the synopsis of Tome 1 of her book series and I'm anxious to read about the heroin titled book. This indie author was cheerful and open. Check out her website!
  5. Le Roi Sombre by Oren Miller What I liked: Published by French indie publishers, L'Homme Sans Nom, the author weaves a complicated story filled with adventure, driven by vengeance and sprinkled with a dash of sarcasm. 
  6. Arcanes What I liked: the author, Sophie Irvin, writes and illustrates the books herself. She also had a larger than life- no, seriously, painting as the backdrop of her stall. The backdrop... a scene from her book. This author had pamphlets with with all the character summaries and their sketches. The eight part series is available on her website so do check it out!
  7. Les Bijoux de Lilou What I liked: jewelry made from brocante pieces. There were also fairy woodland creations blended with brocante pieces housed in glass bells which I coveted for a while before my wallet told me "don't play yourself" :(
  8. Tempus Factoris What I liked: the super futuristic yet archaic goggles that remind me a little of the Dread Doctors in Teen Wolf. This creator also has some really bada** leather arm pieces so click on over to his site.
  9. Paint Cakes What I liked: so I'm not a cake person but, Paint Cakes are making a very strong case to persuade me. Why? Because their cakes are literally works of art- geek art that is! Also, they don't use gelatin originating from animals which is awesome! Definitely worth checking out and tasting if you can.
  10. Last but certainly not least.. I liked that the event was 100% free!