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Féerie by Van Cleef & Arpels

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Since my wedding, in 2014, my signature fragrance has been ‘La Vie Est Belle’ by Lancôme. While I enjoyed dawning this beautiful scent for years, my attachment to it had more to do with its connection to France; a connection I felt mirrored my life in the city of light. 


However, I have been suppressing an urgent desire to get a new fragrance. For me fragrances are like new hairstyles: they reinvent and gift me the ability to feel and see myself anew.



The problem is that fragrances are ubiquitous and their scents seem to be a confluence of super pungent or fades in an hour as anyone who’s walked into a parfumerie can attest. I, therefore, enlisted help from the fragrance masters i.e. mum and the sisters. 


The experts

My mother is an old school perfume aficionado. I remember when I was a child she used to order her YSL Paris bottles from Paris, this was before they were available where she lives. She is like the woman with the jars of oil from the bible; her perfumes last for years, enduring the tests of storage conditions and never run out due to her strategic and calculated use.

My older sister’s perfume precedes her. Her fragrance of the moment announces her arrival. She spares no extra sprits when applying her perfume generously, consequently requiring her to get new perfume every other month.

My younger sister is the collector who, unlike the sister who baths in perfume, purchases perfumes in order to display them and admire their packaging- at least that’s what it appears on the surface…  



The experts recommended Féerie so, I got the 100 ml eau de parfum. Immediately the perfume captured me with its packaging. The dark blue box with a sparkling fairy dust trail leading to the depiction of a sparkling fairy is mysterious and I wanted to delve into the box. Inside the box was another box housing the perfume. The inner box opened up like a French window to reveal the actual perfume bottle… the hype was real.

The precious liquid is housed in a large deep blue multi-faceted precious stone shaped bottle with a fairy sitting on a branch as the elaborate silver cabochon, inspired by the brand’s extreme luxury jewelry.

It is imbued with the perfect synthesis of the magical and the natural. The dreamy scent is made of the violet flower. When I wear it, I feel glamorous, feminine and sophisticated. It does not overpower or assault the sense of smell by being too potent. I will be wearing it for some time to come!