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Madame Je Jalouse

My friends, bless their fancy French collants, got me an appointment at a spa as a ‘you had a baby’ gift. Madame Je Jalouse is a beauty salon on 108 Boulevard de Courcelles that boasts a plethora of beauty services from hairdressing, face care and massages to pedicures and hair removal. So, on the last frosty February Saturday, I made my way to the 8th arrondisement (75008) in Paris. I got off at metro Ternes and made my way to the rendez vous point and after an hour of delicious tea, I was ushered out of the maison du thé and taken to Madame Je Jalouse.


The Reception

We walked through the tasteful and inviting black-framed doorway with the name of the salon written in white and surrounded by white outlines of some of the tools used inside. We were greeted very warmly by the hosts who checked on the reservation, took my coat and then sat me on a colourful but comfortable couch. I was then offered a refreshment; coffee, juice or water- brought to me on a pristine white tray with a madeleine and a mini sneakers bar. I enjoyed the little entre while taking in the stylishly contemporary yet complimentary décor that Paris is famed for.


The Space

The space was well-lit by extraordinary lights which added to the healthy helping of sunlight let in by the glass storefront. After a short wait, a masseuse came to get me for my treatment. We walked the short distance to the stairs that led to a lower level and into the massage room. The sole source of light in the room came from elaborate little tea lights that lined the floor of the walls on either side. The massage table occupied the centre of the room and the products were neatly laid out on a table at the head of the table along with a little statue and hanging bell. A lovely wooden sun mirror hung on the wall to my left.


The Massage

I was left to get complètement nu save for the disposable underwear I had been given. I mounted the table and the masseuse returned and explained what treatment she’d be giving me as well as the different products for me to choose from. Against the backdrop of relaxing music, she struck the little bell once and began with the massage. I received a full body massage that loosened my muscles and helped release some emotional tension as well. To say it was relaxing is the gross understatement. Her hands were gentle and nimble but really needed with deliciously calming and enjoyable effects. The entire massage took 40 minutes, she struck the little bell again and I began to get up sluggishly, wishing I could slow down time and stay a little longer. Note to the wise: Leave room for the time it takes to get undressed and dressed.


I'll Be Back

When it was done, I was offered another refreshment and then my coat and effects were returned to me. I have not had a massage in over a year and would encourage you to treat yo-self to a massage at Madame Je Jalouse whether, you're tired, stressed, or just looking to give yourself that extra 'tlc.' If it's not a treat for you, it can be a gift for someone else. As for Madame Je Jalouse, I give it a double thumbs up rating because it was clean, beautiful and the service was impeccable. I. WILL. BE. BACK.