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Studio Ana'e

Located in Paris’ 5th arrondisement on a slopping street, the corner entrance of Studio Ana’e is as stylish and unique as the salon itself.


The Salon

Like the name suggests, Studio Ana’e boasts a studioesque interior décor. With rich wooden furniture pieces, contemporary iron installments with a confluence of colorful cushions and other intricate stylish pieces that evoke cultural significance and the spirit of different cultures. Studio Ana’e is the first Parisian hair salon that is dedicated to hair of the world and promises professional excellence to every man and woman irrespective of hair type, texture and origin. Do they deliver? I’m going to have to say a ma-hussive OUI!!!!


The Bells and Whistles

I have been going to Studio Ana’e for the last 3 years. When I first visited I thought to myself “this must be what is meant by star treatment.” I was received warmly by the person at the front desk who took my coat and scarf and dressed me in the salon apron. I was ushered into a chair and a hair stylist sat with me and did a thorough hair background check with me i.e. treatments had I done to it etc., as I sipped aromatic herbal tea and nibbled my complimentary biscuit. They then assessed my hair and asked what I wanted done. I told them and they gave me their opinion given all the information I had given them. Then they gave me a price estimation which I was welcome to accept or adapt based on what I would have done to my hair.


From there it was all systems go. We went to the wash area. I sat in the chair and had my hair washed and then… the chair I was sat in unexpectedly churned to life. That’s right, you read that right. The chairs are electronic massage chairs. So while I was getting my hair washed and scalp massaged, I was also getting a relaxing total back massage. There was even a warm towel brought and placed on my eyes. This was it, my hair ‘aha’ moment. All other hair salons had officially seen the last of me because I had found the promised hairland.  I need to take this time to mention that never have I come to Studio Ana’e and had to wait or found the place teeming with people because they never book multiple appointments simultaneously. And, when it was all said and done, I had a beautifully coiffed head and walked out whipping my hair back and forth.


Et C’est Pas Fini/ And That’s Not All

In addition to being hair mecca, Studio Ana’e also hosts masterclasses with internationally renowned hairdressers sharing their savoir-faire with those eager to learn. These classes sometimes target a specific skill e.g. coloring, Asian haircuts etc. or a theme e.g. exceptional styling, scalp…

These classes are also provided à la carte and Studio Ana’e can create a training session specially for your needs!


Now I know you’re thinking I am biased. Don’t believe me? Just check out what all these other folks have to say about Studio Ana’e.


This Girl Is Loyal

Needless to say that it is a salon that is quite simply a cut above because it offers more than just service, it offers an experience of professionalism, quality and actual care. It is clearly dedicated to beauty whether you have dreadlocks, rock your hair straight, natural, shaved, curly, frizzy… Studio Ana’e has got you.