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N/a’an ku sê Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary

My husband and I are in Namibia visiting my mum and because my husband seemingly never feels like he’s been to Africa if he doesn’t go back to France with pictures of members of the big five, we went for yet another Safari/Game drive. Now, because of my husband, I have gotten to see quite a few of the lodges where wild animals can be seen despite having grown up here.


What is N/a’an ku sê? 

N/a’an ku sê is both a lodge and animal sanctuary very close to the capital city, Windhoek. Their motto is conservation through innovation. It is both a lodge and wildlife sanctuary. It is actually very close to the airport and depending on whether you are going to or coming from, the turn off is just after or before the police road-block that heralds the Hosea Kutako International Airport. The Game/Safari drive takes place at the Activity Centre. From the turn-off, the road there is pretty easy (just keep going straight and follow the signs). The road turns into gravel and is a bumpy and slippery drive all the way there. Once you get to the gate of the property, it’s a 1km drive to the actual Activity Centre.


The Activity Centre     

The Activity Centre is a spacious triple threat: lounge/restaurant/reception area where you can have a seat in one of the unconventional and creative chairs while you wait for the tour guide to round up the group for the drive. Outside, the terrace opens you up to the wide-open spaces where there is a pool deck and the guest toilets.


The Game/Safari Drive

All the animals on the game drive had a story of how they came to be at N/a’an ku sê Lodge. Some were brought by farmers who found them or rescued them from certain death. A three legged cheetah, for instance, was brought by a vet who had to amputate its leg after it was impossible to repair the three breaks it sustained due to a trap. All the stories of the animals and how they got their names where relayed to us by the guide who was very animated and knowledgeable. What I saw for the first time in my life, despite having been on too many game drives to count or remember, where wild dogs and karakuls. I was floored by the three resident lions whose imposing physical stature was not dissimilar to three small cars. The male ran towards us and growled as the guide called to him “Clarence, greet the people.” At this point, I bolted for the lofted viewing deck, tripping on a stair as I did.  


My Thoughts             

I haven’t stayed in the lodge part of N/a’an ku sê but it does look luxurious and a lot like a thoughtful blend of nature with a dash of modernity. I am definitely thinking of booking one of the chalets for the future. As for the Game/Safari drive, it was 2 hours long and utterly riveting. The tour also comes with complimentary bottled water. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting the wildlife experience without having to go too far and having to rough it in the sticks or endure a glamping experience. N/a’an ku sê Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary does offer more than I mention in this piece which you can discover Here