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La Vita Spa- Club Mykonos

During the last week of May I had the good fortune of spending my time at a holiday resort in Cape Town called Club Mykonos. My family and I descended on the azure waters of this luxury holiday-makers spot literally via the Cape-Namibia Route. I was treated to a spa treatment at the in-house spa: La Vita Spa.


Italian Inspired Spa

La Vita Spa is a world-class spa boasting a wide range of wellness and beauty treatments from around the globe. From Swiss body wraps to relaxing in a Jacuzzi or enjoy the steam room.


The Space

The spa was spacious and beautifully lit with golden hues interlaced with white to add a pristine glow to the space. The décor was luxurious contemporary meets Italian imaginings. There were colorful paintings, wall shelves where wellness books shared a space with aromatic and colorful flowers, imposing rich wooden cabinets that displayed an assortment of herbal teas and mirrors captured and reflected the light in its surroundings. The furniture luxurious and decadent yet perfectly suited to compliment the golden floral surrounding.


Relaxation in Progress

I got a Roman Royalty Treatment which comprised; a full body exfoliation, followed by time spent in the sauna and a quick rinse off in the shower after. Next was a full body and scalp massage. I got to choose from 4 oils each with different health and relaxation properties. I am convinced that I shed all my dead, dry and old skin like a snake in the desert. I left the spa with skin as soft and rubbery as my 11-month year old baby. The massage was so relaxing that the 1:50 minutes time tag flew by and I was inconsolable when the little gong chimed and the masseuse said “We are done.” Why do all good things come to an end? There after, I grabbed a bite to eat at the spa restaurant.



My experience at La Vita Spa Club Mykonos was by far one of the best uses of 1hr 50 minutes of my life. As a new mum I am constantly tired and hard pressed to find a minute to even shower some times… yes, it can be that bad. Taking time to go to La Vita Spa was incredibly rejuvenating and relaxing and definitely smelled of good decisions on my part. I even came away with the body scrub used during my treatment which I hope I can squeeze in the time to use soon J