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Skin Deep

I have worn foundation since the 8th grade! When I was in high-school it was so bad that people actually called me pizza face. Suffice to say, the mysteries of clear skin have always eluded me.


Flash forward 20-ish years and my skin is on the up and up. I started my search for better skin where everyone on a quest to better their appearance does: YouTube and beauty blogs. I learnt that I needed a 3-step facial regimen that I had to stick to. I headed over to Sephora and was given a foam wash, moisturizer and toner. I kept to this routine for half a decade but didn’t really see much in the way of results. I was still constantly besieged by zits that would appear like spiteful reminders that I still needed to fix this.


Next, I embarked on a rigorous inner purging regimen where I eliminated most processed foods from my diet. I drank a carrot and apple smoothie I juiced with my own hands and my Thermomix everyday for 2 years. My skin didn’t exactly clear up but the zit attacks ceased and I noticed my nails started to grow like weeds.


Then, I saw something bloggers were raving about called personal micro-derm beauty. It involved a pricey machine used to file away, like sandpaper, dead skin leaving behind only the soft and unblemished skin. Sadly, I didn’t really see any results save for that one time I filed too close to my actual skin and had little friction burns in the shape of the file all over my face :( Also, it takes time to assemble the machine, use it and disassemble (a necessity when you live with a husband who touches everything and doesn’t put things back).


My last resort was a chemical peel. I didn’t actually do it, and my husband was clear about how he thought I was on crack when I suggested it to him. Eventually he told me to tell our doctor what I was planning. Our doctor’s eyes just about popped out of their sockets when I said “I want to use a chemical to peel away this spotty layer of skin so I can stop looking like an adolescent”. He told me to forget it and wrote me a prescription for something else.


Now, I will reveal some of the keys that have been the difference between acne prone and clear skin for me.

In France pharmacies have a lot of pretty darn excellent treatments which you can pick up easily and which are covered by medical insurance which, mercifully in my case, included the things the doctor prescribed to fix my skin.


·      Bioderma Sèbium Gel Moussant

·      Eau Thermale Avènue Cleanance Expert

·      Epiduo Gel


Bioderma is a cleansing foaming gel for combination to oily skin (I fall into the latter category). This helps with the sebium production which in my case was too much. I clean my face with this twice a day (morning and night).


The Cleanance Expert is an emulsion for acne prone skin that combats spots and blackheads. I apply this in the mornings after washing my face.


Epiduo Gel is for the treatment of acne and applied only at night after having cleaned my face with the Bioderma Sèbium foam wash.  


The results are pretty hard to argue in my case. I used to say that I just wanted to be free from the need to wear heaps of make-up to literally hide my face. Now, I sometimes will only apply eye-shadow and something to my lips and then I’m off. I do still wear make-up and it sits on my face better because it’s not sliding off like it’s melting (due to the oil). I no longer have a greasy face. It’s not magic, I do still get a zit or two every now and again but this new regimen combined with the change in my eating habits has made it so that I pretty much have great skin most of the time.

Behold the before and after…