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Soulstice Day Spa

During my last week of my extended Christmas holiday, a friend suggested we go to a spa. I personally am a huge fan of spas and massages because taking care of yourself is super important at any stage in your life. I’m a new mama, if one and a half years still constitutes new (more like newish) and I literally always feel like a cave troll. I am perpetually tired and rarely find time to myself. So yeah, you can imagine I jumped at the chance. My mum babysat and I went to get my spa on. Incidentally we went on Valentine’s Day.


The Spa

The spa is fairly new, barely a year old I’m told and located in the Am Weingarten complex in Klein Windhoek. I parked in the underground parking and rode the elevator to the third floor from there.  The elevator opens into the spa which takes up the entire floor. My friend booked us for the relaxing candle massage. We were an hour early because when you choose a treatment, there are certain facilities you can use. In our case we opted for the Jacuzzi and the steam room.


Warm Welcome

The space has a bright, contemporary yet sleek feel to it. The colors are mainly soft greys and sanitary whites. The space is built to allow for an abundance of natural light throughout. I found my friend already waiting for me and well into her pink welcome/complimentary champagne served in a fancy flute (actually a regular flute fancied up by a sugar rim). We were shown to our lockers where the host demonstrated how to use the digital keypad to lock and unlock our lockers. Inside the lockers were slippers and heart-shaped cookies (I think the cookies were for Valentine’s but I can’t be sure). There are also robes and changing rooms (obviously) for privacy.


The Jacuzzi was a nice warm temperature but a little deep. This is something that probably only affects the vertically challenged like myself. I am never really expecting to be seen sans my full sartorial armor and was not bikini waxed. My friend was probably shocked to the pale- sorry friend… #newmomlife. From the Jacuzzi, we moved to what I’m going to call the tea area comprising teas, coffee, pastries, water with cucumber slices in it- all sorts, all for the taking! The best part is that all the eat-treats are super healthy so you don’t really have to think about calorie counting.


When it was time for our treatment, we were called by a hostess and taken to the massage room (a double as we were on a girl’s day to the spa). Before commencing we had the option to choose the color of the lights in the room because the spa practices color therapy… Legit, the first time I’d ever heard of this.

At the beginning of the massage the masseuse does an assessment of sorts and suggests what could make the treatment more effective. Another first for me was the inclusion of suction-cups because my muscles are super stiff from stress apparently. I have to say that the cups hurt. I was sore the next day in the areas were all the experts say my muscles are tense. 


The only thing I would say was odd about the spa was the music choice. So, ordinarily spas play really relaxing music that sort of puts you in a meditative state or puts you to sleep. I’ve been to spas where the sound was water running in a stream, mandolins strumming gently in the background, orchestral scores or Enya. Soulstice was playing what sounded like the last kicks of Christmas music refusing to let go. My friend asked for it to be changed and it was replaced with Norah Jones and Nina Simone, also not typical ‘put-you-to-sleep’ music but a huge upgrade all the same.


Final Thoughts

It was a really good experience. We wished it didn’t have to end. Good things have an annoying tendency to do that. Anyway, I will definitely go again and recommend it to anyone in Windhoek looking for a real pampering spa experience.