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Paris Gilets Jaunes/ Yellow Vest Protests

Christmas is a feeling of love, joy, laughter and the horror of maniacal shopping everywhere. When I left France to come home for the holidays, the country was still struggling to negotiate with the real concerns of the Gilets Jaunes protestors and the chaos their protests wrought.


I struggled with most things at the time because I would be traveling, for more than 10 hours, with a toddler, which meant preparation weeks in the making had me biting all my nails until they were nubs, anxious.


Back in Paris, my friends and I hadn’t seen each other in a while and decided on a ladies rendez-vous before the festive season exodus. Ladurée, on the Champs Élysées, was the place we chose. We never did have our macarons at the famed restaurant which was closed along with all other shops on the Champs. Three of us made it to Paris’ most famous street while the fourth simply could not get through the disgruntled swaths of protestors in neon yellow vests. When a truck exploded into flames in front of us, we knew that was our queue to move our rdv elsewhere. My friend commented in French and with a hint of sarcasm: “Aren’t you glad you live in our glorious country?” Of course I am, France is well known for its protests and strikes. If I’m being perfectly honest I was a little excited to be in the thick of all the action.


We ended up at a German resto called Chez Biergit and a schnitzel and beer afternoon was had. This ability to go where the wind blows is one of the things I love most about the City of Light. There are eateries without number so no plan is ever truly spoiled if you’re flexible and a little patient.


Happy holidays to all :)