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Fusion Artistry- A Luxury Digital Startup

What is Fusion Artistry?

Fusion Artistry is a startup created in 2015 aimed at the African luxury market. Founders, Sandrine Tachie-Menson and Kobina Banning, worked with Ghanaian fashion brands, helping them with marketing strategies and decided that the time had come to formalise their work and start offering digital communication strategy services.



Sandrine hails from France and juggles her time between France and Ghana and has a background in luxury management. Her business partner, Kobina Banning, is a Ghana based architect. Fusion Artistry arose out of a need from talented designers for exposure and emerging brands struggling to get their products in front of their customers. Fusion Artistry is the bridge between the designer and the consumer. Their service is two-fold: providing consulting on digital strategy and designing and implementing digital strategy for clients in the fashion and beauty industry. Some examples include community management and data analysis through third party data solutions, event organization, PR and designing custom communication tools. Other aspects they are incorporating into their services are training and educational tools that will enable their clients to identify exactly what their communications needs are so that Fusion Artistry can better serve them.


Working Locally, Thinking Global

Africa is now!

Kobina says with gusto as he enjoys an African meal. Fusion Artistry is making ground through word of mouth, connections, recommendations, social media and creating tailored projects to sell to specific clients. The end users are global and the company is not pigeonholing itself to catering to only one region. Their digital solutions belong to the global space and provide more opportunities to their clients. They add value to their clients’ products through incorporating the African contemporary narrative in their communication strategy.


Greater Things to Come

In 2017, Fusion Artistry has been developing an app for the beauty industry in Africa and hopes to diversify its portfolio to include other sectors such as hotels once the business grows. Partnering with IPSOS, the market research and consulting specialists, to collect data from the target population that will enable them to work with luxury giants in the future. 


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