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Clip It

Technology wizard, Apple, is eager to prove that it still has a foot in the social video sharing door and aims to force its way into the room with its new Clips App.


What is Clips ?

A free iOS app for making and sharing videos with text, effects and graphics.


How does Clips work?

Simply record a moment on the spot or choose a video clip or photo from your library. Then, easily create titles and captions, inset overlays or pick a filter


How does Clips differ from other social video sharing apps ?

For starters, unlike the other social video sharing apps, Clips isn’t a social network in and of itself. It is designed for sharing on other social video sharing networks and even borrows some features from video app giants Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Prisma. The app itself is totally separate from the camera on the iPhone and iPad.

Source: Apple

Source: Apple

Face recognition and Smart Suggestions: Smart Suggestions is based on the same facial recognition software used in Apple’s Photos app. The app suggests who to share with based on who’s in your video. All you have to do is tap a name to send your video using Messages.


Timeline: encourages stringing together a sequence of clips. It will let you shoot or upload single video clips of up to 30 minutes in length, with final video’s being able to be a total of 60 minutes in running time.


Source: Apple

Source: Apple

Live Titles: is one of the best features of Clips because it enabled you to add text over still photos and videos using just your voice. No typing the text overlay; all you do is tap the Live Title option, choose a style, and then record your voice. The app translates that to text (and does so in 36 different languages). It results in a rolling caption over your Clips videos.


Posters: is an option for full-screen, text-based graphics cards, which let you add bookends to your videos or even “How To” title cards between shots.


Is there a downside?

Unlike in Instagram or Snapchat, you can’t scribble text over your Clips. Unfortunately, it will only available to iOS users.


When can you start clipping?

You can give your offering to the technology gods In April.