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E-Marketing Paris 2017

Last week was the annual e-marketing Paris exposition at Port de Versailles from the 18th to the 20th of April. The three-day extravaganza was a feast for B2B digital solutions! SisTechie was on site to get the scoop on the latest innovations in the digital industry.

Smart Data

First up for digital solutions is smart data. What is smart data? Essentially all the data you collect from your digital marketing actions translated by an algorithm so that it doesn’t look like Martian speak. It makes actual sense and enables you to chart the way forward in terms of next steps and ROI. Solutions were offered in 2 formats: the software alone and the software with the providers’ intervention to create and manage campaigns on your behalf.


In what is being hailed as the evolution of digital marketing, SoftConcept is one such company that boasts solutions which make sense out of all the data collected from your digital marketing campaigns and presents them in a plethora of easily understandable formats including figures, tables, charts and infographs.


Another such solution is Banana Content. The cleverly named solution refers to what a smile resembles to the French (a banana) and a linguistic pun on Content meaning satisfied in French but meaning brand and marketing content in English. It uses the B2B2X model and focuses on (Content Performance Management) CPM. The solution draws prospective customers in using inbound marketing strategy then analyses the performance of the content disseminated allowing an overall view of the results.

The Smart Newsletter

We all know mailing lists are a vital tool for lead nurturing in your digital marketing strategy. However, sometimes newsletters can be hard thing to put together because of time and the background research required to send out quality content.


The answer… a newsletter plugin! Newsletter plugins like Jackmail come in beautiful professional designs that enable you to just drop updated content into your newsletter template and send it out. The plugin is in WordPress and is completely free.


Gamification has long been a strategy to boost engagement and spur creators to action in business. Adictiz is solution that enables you to create your e-marketing campaign in a game style format using all the digital platform usual suspects as your campaign game players. Create a game out of a Pinterest Wishlist or Twitter following and retweeting. The concept is fun and engaging for both you as the marketer and your audience.

Humans- Not Yet Obsolete

The question I have is what will become of occupations such as Community Management with all these solutions that can perform the same functions? I suspect, for now, they are safe because while a ton of these solutions are innovative and bear the capacity to change the game, some of the prices shock small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups to the pale!


Several companies such as Be Angels and PoP Translation were also in attendance proving that despite all the new technologies such as CM and CAT tools, we still need real people to do the work.   

It’s a Wrap

Having been lured to stands by all means: tantalizing treats, freebies and handsome men, I observed that there were some repetitive or similar solutions offered by different providers. After having spent time with just a few of the many companies at the event, one thing is clear… we are on the cusp of an evolution in digital marketing where SMART is the word and Social Media Optimization is the way. 


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