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The Underrated Mailing List

This week I attended a webinar for writers. The person giving the webinar is a successful self-published author. How did he get so successful? He said he did it by building up his mailing list.


I will admit, I’ve never really bothered with mailing lists. To be quite honest, with all the advancements in technology, I thought email had surely gone the way of the dodo. I was wrong.


What Is The Mailing List?

It’s basically a compilation of email addresses you’ve managed to coax out of people so that you can keep them informed on your business’ latest developments or (if it's a product based business, it would be latest innovations and new products).


Why Is The Mailing List Important?

Well, to quote the Daniel Craig James Bond movie 'Skyfall', “sometimes the old ways are the best.” This is true of mailing lists because despite technology having leapt forward at meteoric speed, email has endured and is checked by most people multiple times a day. In a way, your mailing list provides you with a captive audience.  It is also excellent for targeting only those people who are interested in what you have to offer therefore turning random browser searchers into direct traffic.


How Do You Get Those Email Addresses?

You offer something of value in exchange for that precious email address. You can get sneaky about it by limiting options to escape offering page without giving up their address, much like how Instagram doesn’t let you put links in your posts in order to keep you on Instagram and not direct you elsewhere. Your page ideally should have one button = one option and if they think whatever you are offering is valuable enough, they will take the bait. If not, they’ll leave but not because you gave them an out.


So, if you are looking to expand the reach of your online presence or business, the mailing list is the oldie but goodie you should definitely beef up. There are many tools to help you collect and manage your mailing lists such as Mailchimp, Activetrail, Listserv, etc. 


Go forth business people, and get those emails in *eh herm" speaking of which...