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VivaTech 2018!

On May 24th-26th one of the international tech industry's biggest events of the year opened its doors to the public... VivaTech 2018!

What is it?

It is a gathering of global tech leaders. In their own words they are: “The world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders.” It is literally like the MET Gala for technology. With major players from startups, entrepreneurs, investors, heads of state, philanthropists- the whole gamut of the tech world in attendance.


Why Vivatech?

With all the actors aforementioned, it is the perfect place to look for collaborators, possible investors and scout for promising startups. Aside from networking showcasing there are also competitions for startups including a hackathon, startup speed dating, tech-centric wining and dinning and so very much more. It is a feast for technology and really showcases the diversity in which technology has come to embody the human lived experience. How? For example, a luxury luggage brand called Rimowa now offers travelers the added value of an electronic bag tag that saves the traveler time among other things or artificial intelligence and responsibility (a question the show Westworld attempts to address). The future really is here but it is not without uncertainty. VivaTech's many sessions look at various angles in which UI and UX are used and can be used in all manner of ways and fields. 


Organisation-wise we all just need to take several seats and hail VivaTech the masters and its organizers: Publicis Group and Group Les Echos. Forget the little messenger bags with a memory stick and some flyers. Seriously, bin the very thought of it because VivaTech is here to demonstrate how to do conference goodies and experience. Prior to the event I received the entire program. Every single event day I received a newsletter with a roundup of the day's events and what to look out for the following day. After VivaTech was over I received a ‘best of’ email with highlights of the entire event including high-res photos. Any time before, during and after that if I sent an email with an enquiry, I always got a prompt, helpful and friendly answer. Did I mention that there’s an app? There is a VivaTech app where I received rendez-vous invitations from other attendees called VivaTech Swapcard technology.


Who was there?

The president of the republic of France, Emmanuel Macron who gave the opening Keynote address, His Excellency and president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg and Founder of Africa’s largest philanthropic entrepreneurship foundation’s Toni Elumelu. Additionally, competition awards were presented by LVMH’s Bernard and Alexandre Arnault… to name a very distinguished and impressive few.


Looking Ahead

Now that you know that VivaTech is the technology rendez-vous not to be missed you’re probably wondering how long you have to wait to register for next year’s event?

You don’t. Registration for VivaTech 2019 is already open along with a list of speakers and all the other amazing stuff that this incredible innovation hub gathers and disseminates. I, personally, am already excited to see and be a part of the 2019 installment and so should you be!

Copyright photos : Viva Technology / SIPA Press